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Beginner Bee Classes

Included in the following Packages: Beginner Bee, Full Access Bundle, and Live Bundle.

Jumping in: Beginning Your Journey

Nikki Griffin


Ready to start your bra making journey?  Join Nikki and jump right in! 

Beginner Materials

Sue Folts


Join Sue to learn all about common fabrics used in bra making.

Beginner Fit

Linda Crawford


Arguably, the most important part of bra making is getting the perfect fit. Join Linda and get instruction and fit advice from one of the best!

Sewing Bra Elastic, Channeling and Hook & Eyes

Ruhee Rajan & Janna-Marie Crawford


Now that you know all about the fabrics you’ll be working with, it’s time to learn about sewing some of the trickier parts of bras.  Ruhee will walk you through sewing bra elastic, channeling, and hook & eyes.

Construction Order



Where do I even start?  Sewing a bra is a big project, but you don’t have to get overwhelmed by all the steps!  Join Linda as she lays out her process and provides a great strategy for tackling any bra sewing project!



Nikki Griffin


Now that you’ve completed all your Beginner Bee classes, you’re sure to have some questions!  Join Nikki for this live discussion to close out the day and get your questions answered!

PLUS!  Two Beginner Bee sew-alongs!  Details coming soon!!!