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Fit Classes

Included in the following packages: Main Conference, Full Access Bundle, Live Bundle, & Extended Access Only

Celebrating the Small Bust

Helen Cloke


Join Helen for this live class where she will discuss how to approach bra making for the smaller bust.  She will discuss pattern selection and suggestions for small cups. Helen will show design tips and tricks along with common alterations that will have your small bust bra looking and fitting great!

Find your perfect Large Cup Pattern

Monica O’Rourke Bravo


Which features of a bra make it well adapted for large cups? There are so many darling patterns out there! Join Monica as she talks you through how to evaluate a pattern, and how to adapt a less suitable pattern for your large cup bra.

Fitting the Wide and Shallow Breast

Linda Crawford


Our breasts come in all shapes and sizes, and Linda Crawford is an expert in fitting them all!  This class will focus on fitting the wide and shallow breast.

Fit Clinics

A collection of 5 Live Classes

Linda crawford 

and Monica O’rourke bravo

Join Linda Crawford and Monica O’Rourke Bravo for this series of 5 Fit Clinics.  Linda and Monica will each walk through the process of helping real women create their own perfectly fitting bras!  See multiple projects from start to finish in each Fit Clinic and learn from these fantastic instructors.

Measuring Patterns for Fit

Lily Fong


Join Lily and learn how to measure the bottom cup depth “BCD” and horizontal hemisphere “HH” on a bra pattern that doesn’t include it.  She’ll walk you through how to compare pattern measurements with actual body measurements to help you find which size to start with!

Bra Pattern Review

Monica O’Rourke Bravo

 And Linda Crawford


Monica and Linda make a great team in addressing how to choose the best pattern for your figure. Join the conversation during this live panel.

My Top 5 Fit adjustments

5 classes from 5 instructors

Monica, Linda, Carla, Ruhee, and Lily

We’ve asked some of our favorite custom bra sewists to highlight the fit adjustments that they encounter the most frequently. Check out their video shorts to sharpen your fitting skills.



Lily Fong


Did you know underwires come not only in different sizes & lengths but also different styles, thicknesses & materials? Learn about their function & importance in bra patterns as well as some drafting terms such as wire play & wire spring. Join Lily as she discusses the components of a comfortable underwire and provides a little insight into wire types and pattern drafting.

Bra Types and Suitability

Margarita Sheflyand
 and Evyone Credle


There are so many bra patterns and styles in the me made lingerie world!  Which one will suit my body the best? Which pattern will give me what I’m looking for, such as lift, cleavage, full coverage, etc? Join two of our experts to find out!