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Specialty classes

Included in the following packages: Main Conference, Full Access Bundle, Live Bundle, & Extended Access Only

Envisioning the Future of Me-made Lingerie

Live panel

Join this panel of premier lingerie pattern designers from Studio Costura, Emerald Erin & Madalynne Intimates as they field your questions and cast their vision for what is coming up in the Me-Made lingerie world.


Alison Smith


Join corset expert Alison as she walks you through a variety of techniques for making corsets including altering patterns for fuller busts, decorative casings, see through panels (with lace overlays for bridal), pattern adaptations and more!

Period Panties

Helen Cloke


Period panties are steadily growing in popularity as the eco-friendly alternative to disposable sanitary products.  Sewing your own means you can modify your fave fitting panty pattern for use during menstruation.  Get all the information on pattern modification, fabric selection and sourcing as well as other occasions where period panties are useful!

Tour A Fabric Factory

Jack Boyd

Darlington Fabrics

Jack Boyd from Darlington Fabrics is back again this year to give Bra Bee attendees a look behind the scenes with a tour of a Darlington Fabrics factory!

Small Business Class

Sue Folts


How do you turn your great idea into your very own small business? Join Sue as she takes you through those early steps and the lessons she learned.

Small Business Marketing 

Emma Folts & Ruhee Rajan

Live Panel

So, you’ve turned your passion into your own small business!  Now what?  Join marketing professionals Emma and Ruhee and learn how to utilize social media and other tools and platforms to market your work!

Extending Your Hobby 

Ruhee Rajan


Is your intimates drawer overflowing, but you just can’t stop sewing? Join Ruhee to learn how to do more with your hobby!  This class will focus on getting started with small scale selling, selling on cottage industry platforms (think Etsy), as well as sewing for good causes and charities. 

My $5 Bra



Join Valeria as she shows you how she does more with less!  Valeria will share tips and strategies she learned while creating her $5 Bra.  You will be inspired to create your very own budget-friendly masterpiece!

Photography for Lingerie

Bessie Hendrickson


Want to take great photos of your me-made lingerie? Grab your smart phone or camera and join Bessie for a step-by-step guide. No need for expensive equipment or complicated setups. Learn to capture beautiful, high quality images with what you have available!

Extending your lingerie wardrobe:  The Perfect Tank top

Pamela Leggett


Pamela’s Perfect Tank Top pattern is perfect if you’re looking for versatility in your lingerie wardrobe!  The Perfect Tank Top works great as a base layer, and Pamela has devised a wide range of design hacks she’ll share. Learn how to add a shelf bra with or without cups, cut it on the bias for silks and silkies, make it into a dress or nightgown, add flounces and more!  

Extending your Lingerie Wardrobe: Bra Hacked to Cami

Monica O’Rourke Bravo


We all love those simple camisoles under our shirts, or as a top on its own during hot summer months. Monica will show you how to take your bra pattern and turn it into a supportive camisole.


Clio and Valeria

LIVE panel

In this panel, Clio and Valeria will discuss how you can upcycle clothes or fabric scraps into beautiful lingerie. You’ll see their prettiest upcycle makes and they will spill all their knowledge about working with unconventional fabrics for lingerie!

Storage Hacks

Bodil and Angelica


Join Bodil and Angelica as they show you a whole range of tips and tricks for storing your lingerie sewing supplies and also your wardrobe of beautiful me-made lingerie.

All About LACE

Sue Folts


So many of us love those pretty bits of lace that turn plain fabric and elastic into a work of art. Join Sue as she discusses various types of lace and how to use them.

Mono wires and V-Wires 

Maddie Kulig


Mono wires and V-wires are as elusive as bra tulle. Seriously, what are they? Is mono wire one word or two? Is the sizing the same as regular underwires? Do they serve a different function or are they just for aesthetics? Join Maddie Kulig of Madalynne Intimates for a 1-hour class on what these underwires are, how they’re drafted, the materials and gauges they are available in and more. 

Make a Boob Ham



Pressing seams can be such a chore without the right tools!  Join Kat to learn how to make your own Boob Ham and make the job faster and easier.

Digitizing sewing Patterns

Lily Fong


Do you have a huge stash of paper or vintage patterns taking up lots of space? Learn about the time, financial and stress reduction benefits of working with digital sewing patterns.  Join Lily and learn how to convert paper patterns to digital with Adobe Illustrator and PDF stitcher with a brief introduction to Projector Sewing. 

Cloning A Bra

Linda Crawford


Have a favorite bra you want to re-create? Love a bra you saw in a shop, but don’t have a pattern?  Join Linda to learn how to make yourself a clone!

Intro into Cosplay with Lingerie patterns

Lily Fong


What is Cosplay? Where did it come from and why all the fuss? What materials & techniques can you use to create an amazing cosplay masterpiece? Lily will touch on key points for crafting as well as a demo project