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Ask the Expert - Style and Construction
Annie and Myras

Class Overview

Enjoy an informal event with the community! Jennie is not only delightful, she’s a wealth of information on fine lingerie construction techniques. Ask her all your style and construction questions!

Jennie Annie and Myras

Annie and Myras was named as a tribute to my two grandmothers who taught me to sew at an early age. Having made my first dress with Myra at the age of eight, I have since enjoyed creating many things with various different styles of needle and thread. I enjoy an advanced level of construction detail, often a vintage style, sometimes whimsical, whilst aspiring to achieve a high level of elegance and finesse. Over the years I have enjoyed many modalities: weddings, men’s tailoring (I studied men’s pattern making and private order dressmaking in the early 1990s), millinery, but lingerie has always been a major passion. I have also been learning shoemaking. Since the last International Bra Sewing Bee I have immersed myself in design and pattern making, and improving my technical skills. I have thoroughly enjoyed more online video teaching, and bringing back some of the vintage themes of Old Hollywood into my lingerie making. I hope to release more online patterns over the next few years. I am looking forward to the next International Bra Sewing Bee: to engage with a like minded community and share ideas, whilst learning and teaching new skills.

Annie and Myras

Class Style & Information

This class will be taught live in a question and answer style with Jennie. This is a community event! That means you can hang out with us from your sewing room. Bring your current sewing project and join us.