My Favorite FREE Bra Making Resources

There are so many free online resources for bra making. Several of which I didn’t discover until I was far into my bra making journey. I love these resources for learning new skills, learning how to make a specific piece of lingerie, and some just for having on in the background. Today I am going to share my top 5 resources.

  1. Emerald Erin

    Erin has both a Youtube channel and a blog. I used Erin’s Youtube channel a lot in the beginning of my journey because I wanted to get the perfect Jordy bralette. Her videos make sewing her bralette a breeze! She has a lot of information on materials and other sewalongs. Erin’s blog deep dives into making a lot of different bras. Erin did a bra a week challenge so there is so much content on her blog.
  2. Liz Sews

    Liz Sews has an amazing YouTube channel. I didn’t discover Liz until later on in my bra making journey but I wish I had discovered her sooner! Liz shares so many different tutorials, my favorites are when she shares ways to encase all your seams to get a professional look on your bras. I use her techniques daily as I make bras. She also shares how to change your bra cups into darted cups, 3 piece cups, etc. She offers a lot of valuable bra making information for free.
  3. MadalynnE

    Madalynne offers both a YouTube channel and a blog. Madalynne’s YouTube has so many sewalongs with her patterns. I am currently making the S9850 and I love having access to a sewalong because honestly, I don’t love reading patterns! I love being able to watch the video as I sew and am reassured I am following the pattern correctly. I also frequent Madalynn’s blog because she shows how to make variations to patterns and other fun tutorials like adding ruffles!
  4. Sew Busty 

    Lindsie is a recent find! I am really enjoying both her blog and her Instagram. If you need to learn how to do a full bust adjustment, she has you covered! She also reviews bras, has a huge database of bra patterns (how handy is that), free printables, a guide for beginners, and a lot of other resources.

  5. Evie La Luve

    Last but certainly not least is Hannah of Evie La Luve. I love Hannah’s YouTube channel where she shares pattern hacks, tutorials, and how to sew her patterns. My esthetic is very similar to hers so I love having her videos on as I sew for lace and fabric inspiration as well as pattern hacks.

There are so many resources out there. I would love it if you would share your favorite resources with our audience in the comments!

embroidered jordy bralette
Natalie Gruentzel

Thank you so much to the International Bra Sewing Bee for having me as a guest on the blog! I’m actually a “worker bee” behind the scenes of the bee. You can also find me on my website or Instagram.

Happy Sewing! – Natalie