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Community Sew - Ruffles and Flourishes
Community Sew - Ruffles and Flourishes

Class Overview

This class is for those who love the “bells and whistles” in bra. Ruhee and Bianca from Rubies Bras will show you the techniques they use to pretty up the custom bras they make for their clients. You’ll learn how to add ruffles to your straps and hem, ruching techniques, and other tricks to pretty up your neckline and strap tab in your bra. Ideal audience are those who have already made a bra and want to learn how to spice things up. We are super passionate about this topic and very excited to be sharing our knowledge and ideas with you!

Ruhee Rubie's Bras

Hi everyone, I’m Ruhee! Founder of Rubies Bras and The Saharaa Wirefree Bra Pattern. Born and raised in Edmonton, Canada, I graduated with a Marketing Degree from the University of Alberta, and have been a Marketing Professional for about 18 years. So besides making bras, I also dabble in a little marketing consulting on the side for small business owners.

Ages ago, I decided I hated my bra so much that I joined a class to make one. I remember thinking I was crazy, but when you’re desperate and determined (and frustrated with retail options), strange things happen. It took me six months of private lessons to make a proper bra and I was so excited, I told (and showed) all my friends, and decided to make bras on the side for my friends and family.

Fast forward eight years later (with proper bramaking and designing designations), I run Rubies Custom Bras (a friend named it after combining Ruhee + boobies over a night involving too many drinks) in my private studio, along with my marketing coaching practice. I also released a new wirefree bra pattern last year called The Sahaara, designed for those looking for a relaxed and minimal look without compromising comfort and support.

I call Toronto and Edmonton home as I bounce back and forth between the two cities. I love yoga, photography, and am a plantbased foodie. I come with one husband and one shihtsu named Emma.  Looking forward to meeting you!

Sahaara Kit

Materials Needed

  • scalloped lace and/or lace fabric
  • strap elastic (1/2 inch and 5/8 or 3/4 inch)
  • band elastic (3/4 inch) 
  • rings and sliders (1/2 inch and 5/8 or 3/4)

You can shop your stash, shop where you like online or in store, or buy a kit from Bra Builders.

This is a community event! That means you can hang out with us from your sewing room. We’ll be working on a Sahaara Bra, so to be best prepared it’s best to have the sew along materials. Not participating in the sew along? That’s totally okay. Bring your current sewing project and join us.