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Fit Foundations - Constructing a Fitting Band Sew Along
Fit Foundations - Constructing a Fitting Band Sew Along

Class Overview

Sew along with Monica as she constructs a fitting band from both her own self-drafted band and from the Cambia pattern from LilypaDesigns. Make your own foundation from which you can more easily fit all sorts of patterns!

  • learn the basic of creating a fitting band, either from a self-drafted or commercial band pattern that uses a regular cup, OR from a partial cup bra pattern 
  • beginner to intermediate 
  • this will cover basic construction techniques for an underwire bra, so it would be good for someone who already has basic sewing skills and wants to learn about bra construction 
  • I’ve taught and fit thousands of women, and made more bras than I can count. 
  • creating a fitting band is a great addition to the fitting process and can be used as a tool to help refine the fit of your bra.

Monica BravoBella

Monica is a self-proclaimed geek, teacher, a mother to two wonderful boys (Ben Michael & Sam). She has a B.A., a B.S., and is credentialed to teach physics, chemistry, and math. Monica’s educational background and experience has allowed her to approach the pattern making and design process from a very scientific angle. To her, patterns are nothing more than complex mathematical nets and a bra is an engineered structure designed to support mass.

BravoBella combines Monica’s love of science, sewing, and teaching. She considers herself a teacher at the core of her being and hopes to empower her customers through her classes and instructional materials.

Outside of BravoBella and teaching, you can find Monica spending quality time with her family, training as a black belt martial artist, or hanging with her sewing group over a glass of wine.

Bra Builders Kit

Materials Needed

You will need a basic bra kit (powernet, stabilized sheer tricot, lower/upper elastics, channeling, underwires, hook/eyes)
You can shop your stash, shop where you like online or in store, or buy a kit from Bra Builders.
Sew alongs are our chance to work on this project together in The Hive. You’ll have the most fun participating if you have these materials on hand and ready to go. Your local fabric or craft store will probably not have everything you need so make sure to place an order online with enough time for shipping.