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Partial Band Fitting Band
Partial Band Fitting Band with Kat

Class Overview

How do you make a fitting band when part of the band is… not present? Partial band bras can have fitting bands too, and they offer the same value they do for full band bras. They allow you to try out different cup designs without having to make a whole new bra, and try new things to adjust the fit of your bras. This one-hour live class introduces you to the **partial band fitting band**, a powerful tool that opens doors to creative bramaking while shortcutting the process

**Ideal for intermediate sewists with basic bramaking experience,** this class equips you with the knowledge and skills to build a fitting band that will lead you to a comfortable and supportive partial band bra. We’ll delve into:

  •  **Drafting:** How to draft the fitting band from a full or partial band bra pattern
  • **Construction techniques:** How to sew a fitting band to use for partial band bramaking
  •  **Fit evaluation and troubleshooting:** tips to assess your fit and make adjustments for a personalized and comfortable experience.
  •  **Unlocking design possibilities:** Explore how the partial band fitting band liberates you to experiment with different cup styles and push the boundaries of bramaking.

Kat brings over two decades of sewing expertise, including six years spent exclusively crafting her own wardrobe from head to toe (bras included!). Kat is passionate about sharing her knowledge and empowering others to achieve bramaking excellence, and as partial band bras are her favourite style to wear, she’s spent quite a lot of time with them!

This class will be easiest to understand if you’ve already sewn a bra (any kind of bra!) so you’re familiar with the vocabulary, and you’ll be able to use the skills immediately if you have an underwire bra pattern that already fits. It doesn’t matter whether the bra pattern you have is a full or partial band.

**Whether you’re a seasoned bra enthusiast seeking new skills or a curious sewist eager to expand your horizons, this class offers a valuable stepping stone on your bramaking journey.** Join me for an exploration of partial band bra fit and design!

Kat Kat Makes

Kat is a sewist and sewing educator with over 23 years of experience, and has been sewing her entire wardrobe – from shirts to shoes and everything in between (and underneath!) since 2016. She lives in Auckland, New Zealand, and she loves connecting techniques across disciplines and sharing skills with the sewing community. She enjoys inspiring sewists to try new things, and empowering them to take on complex projects! When she’s not working on bramaking projects, she also enjoys tailoring, embroidery, and chasing after her two cats, Theo and Stella.


Materials Needed

  • A well fitting bra pattern of any kind – full or partial band.
  • Paper and pencil
  • Straight ruler and french curve for pattern drafting.
  • If you’d like to sew a band – powernet, a bra clasp, band elastic, underwires and underwire channeling, and some scraps of stable band fabric (like duoplex).
  • Lastly, whatever you’d like to use for test cups!


  • Water soluble thread for sewing in test cups (we’ll cover this in class)

You can shop your stash, shop where you like online or in store, or buy a kit from Bra Builders.

This class will be taught live in a presentation style with Kat. Starting one week prior to the class, you will be able to find the handout for the class here in our Hive community. Join the community so you can share what materials you are using with other sewists in the class and chat before the class goes live!