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Fitting Band Iterations
Fitting Band

Class Overview

Once you have your first draft of your fitting band, join Katie as she walks you through how to change and adapt the fit. This Community class takes place a week after the conference weekend to give you time to create and do a first fit on your fitting band.


I am a self-taught sewist with a background in mechanical engineering. My long-suffering Singer Prelude used to only come out for Halloween costumes, but when the pandemic hit, I started making custom masks for my family, friends and neighbors. I realized that if I can sew a curved seam, I could make myself a bra. Making myself a supportive, well-fitting and shapely bra turned out to be a much bigger challenge than I expected! Two years later, I’ve had a multitude of failures and a few successes, and I have learned something from each of them. My approach to teaching and learning is inspired by Ms. Frizzle: “Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!”

Bra Builders Kit

Materials Needed

The materials needed for this class will be posted soon. You can shop your stash, shop where you like online or in store, or buy a kit from Bra Builders.

This is a community event! That means you can hang out with us from your sewing room. We’ll be working on fitting band iterations, so to be best prepared it’s best to have the sew along materials. Not participating in the sew along? That’s totally okay. Bring your current sewing project and join us.