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Learn with Us

Learn with us at our events

Our 2024 Conference and 2024 Beginner Experience are an amazing way to start learning with us. They are jam packed with classes, sew alongs, and community events. Check out more details on our 2024 Conference and 2024 Beginner Experience webpages.

The Bra Bee Academy

The Bra Bee is your one stop shop to get deep learning from the best teachers in the bra-sewing world. Our library of over 200 classes includes some of the best known teachers in the industry like Monica O’Rourke Bravo of Bravo Bella, Asmaa winner of the Great British Sewing Bee 2023, Nikki from Sewing My Style, Jennifer Fairbanks of Porcelynne, and Allison Smith from School Of Sewing. Join our academy to learn from these amazing instructors and 30+ other teaching alumni!

Who is the Bra Bee Academy for?

Do any of these things describe you?

  • You learned to sew a bra but never achieved a great fit
  • You wanted to sew a bra but don’t know how to start
  • You’re excited about trying a new pattern but are more comfortable and confident watching a video sew along.
  • You love to sew bras and lingerie and want to make your projects truly couture.
  •  You aren’t well served by the ready to wear lingerie industry and you want to make something well suited to your needs
  • You want to make your bras and underwear an expression of your aesthetic and personality. 

If you resonate with those challenges then we made our Academy just for you!

How Does it Work?

Today, we host our class library by event. You can access the learning from the 2023 Bee with Extended Access or the content from 2020-2022 in The Vault. We’ll start the process of sunsetting these platforms in May 2024 to make way for something way better. If you want to start learning with us today you can absolutely still subscribe to these platforms and we’ll take great care of you as we transition together to “The Hive.”

What’s next?

At our Annual Conference in April 2024 we’ll be announcing the new way to learn with us, “The Academy”! We’ve spent the last few months organizing all our classes and building a platform for easy, interactive learning. In 2024 it will be easier than ever to find a class, watch from your phone or tablet, and make friends with fellow bra makers. We can’t wait to share more with you at the 2024 Bra Bee Conference.