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Sewing Your First Bra

Welcome, friend! Do you want to sew a bra? You can do it!

Whether you’re an experienced sewist or you’ve never touched a sewing machine before, join our vibrant community of bra sewists and take these first steps. You’ll uncover classes and a supportive network ready to share knowledge and experiences. Count on us to support you every step of the way!

Bra sewing buddies

Step 1: Find Some Bra Sewing Buddies

Here are our best suggestions to get plugged into the community. Pick the path that seems best to you but believe us, sewing your first bra is WAY more fun with a group of friends.

Option 1: Online Groups

  • Join our group at The Hive.
  • Join other groups on Facebook.

Option 2: Get paired with a 1:1 buddy who’s made a bra before!

  • Our buddy program is a great way to get started with bra making. Click here to connect with a buddy who has experience and can help you get started. You will have someone to keep you accountable and help answer all your questions.

Option 3: Attend our live conference and quarterly mixers

Join us at one of our upcoming bra-sewing social or educational events and meet fellow enthusiasts—it’s a fantastic opportunity to connect and make new friends in our wonderful community. Join the 2024 Beginner Experience here.

Option 4: Find some local sewing buddies

Check out your nearest sewing shop or local American Sewing Guild if you’re in the states. These are great places to find some local friends. They’re also a great resource for learning to sew!

Step 2: Learn How To Sew A Bra

Discover the ins and outs of picking supplies, selecting patterns, and sewing your first bra by watching videos in our Bra Bee Academy. We’re here to support you every step of the way as you dive into this wonderful journey of bra-making!

  • Option 1: Check out our Online Bra Bee Academy
    • We’ve picked our favorite beginner classes and made a flexible learning platform.
  • Option 2: Join our live Beginner Bee!
    • We periodically create a virtual event for beginners. It’s a special time you won’t want to miss!
  • Option 3: Teach Yourself!
    • Can’t afford our beginner course? There are a lot of great online resources for bra making. Take a look at our blog for a list.
Sewing a Bra
Learning to Sew a Bra Online

Step 3: Pick Your Pattern

It pays off to do a little learning before you chose your pattern since not every pattern is ideal for every body! We have several classes and panels that take a deep dive into this topic. Our founder, Sue, also wrote a great post here where you can see some of her recommendations. 

Step 4: Gather Your Materials

For materials, there are a number of ways to start, from using what you already have to getting a specific beginner kit! Our class X gives you a great overview of all the materials you need. If you want to practice accurate sewing before cutting into your lingerie specific materials, we suggest using bias tape and quilting cotton.

Pro tips:

An affordable option is to just use sheer cup lining and power net (pattern permitting). Those are the most authentic materials for bra cup fabric. As you perfect your fit you will want to use real bra materials.

If you are worried about wasting fabric and thread, water-soluble thread is a great option since the thread will dissolve in water and you can reuse your materials.

Sewing a Bra

Step 5: Start Sewing!

Are you ready? Time to give it a try! There are some simple projects that you can take on when you are starting out. A simple bralette like the Watson, Sahaara, or Jordy are a great way to introduce yourself to the materials and techniques. Sewing underwear are similar and easy to fit but you are working with stretchy materials.

Pro tips:

Soak your stretchy fabric in liquid starch and dry flat – it will behave nicely for you as you sew. 

Lastly, turn on on our our sew along videos to guide you!


And don’t forget: we’re here for you!

Check out some wonderful encouragement from our teachers and read the stories of other Bra Bee-ers before you!