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Helping people feel beautiful in their own skin is something we are passionate about.  In honor of breast cancer awareness month, we’d like to introduce our Think Pink Survivors Collection.

Survivors Collection

Our current collection includes: 

  • Mastectomy Bras (2020) by Linda Crawford
  • Getting Started (2020) by Linda Crawford (short supplemental video)
  • Alterations for Bras Post Surgery (2021) by Linda Crawford
  • Mastectomies & Bras Panel (2022) by Asmaa, Evyone and Margarita
  • Bra Making for Reconstruction, Augmentation and Reduction (2023) by Asmaa

The Bra Bee will always have something to support our breast cancer survivors.   New classes will be added to this collection each year.  Renew yearly, or cancel any time!